Soul-linked sisters

Soul-linked sisters : step by step

Hello! Here is a piece I created under the (amazing!) Wojtek Fus Mentorship ! He taught me how to approach and push a professional / personal piece with a structured pipeline.

We first worked on a simple logline, to find the right idea/story. Then we started to gather references to make the visual ideas more clear and and get inspired (colors mood, camera angle, poses, visuals shapes). After that, I created all of the assets for the project. I think I gained a lot confidence in approaching a brief, it's so much more easy to makes changes in the final shot.

During the whole production time he was there to review and teach me juicy tricks, this guy is a beast ! So yeah, I'm really happy to have been under his mentorship because I never had any art class before and he really helped me getting the right pipeline for personal and professional projects, thanks Wojtek !